Little Bear Chap1

Little Bear Chapter 1

Little Bear

little Bear by Guy Herman

(c) Copyright Guy Herman 4/15/2003-2012
Illustrated by Karen Carey
All rights reserved

Sextant Pocket Press

‘Trace the history of seal hunting and the fur trade to determine the relationship, if any, to the slaughter of the Indian, Buffalo, and other Natives of the America’s.
Determine the extent to which the Canadian government, explicitly or otherwise, furthered such endeavor and the extent, there for to which they are responsible for reparations, if any, which may be due subject Native Americans.

In the cab to the center city, to an old walled fortress where Demian Desault had repaired, he struggled to recollect what was the true meaning of these words, what really was his assignment and the reason for his being here, half a continent away from home.
The formalities of checking in and registering complete, Desault allowed himself to wander into the main ballroom, the chandeliered hallways and around the great hotel to see what was the nature of this place.
In the enclosed courtyard of this elegant and cavernous castle, stood a sleek, perfectly apportioned, black obsidian bear.
Under glass, the animal and it’s recreation appeared as nearly a naturally formed jewel struck from the cauldron of the belly of the earth, as anything man had ever made.
“Forgive me, please,” Demian Desault said, moving towards a podium standing at the entrance to yet another hallway, “I know you may not speak English but I have never seen such an extraordinary place, so magnificent a creature, I mean the bear,” he stuttered, “ or a woman as beautiful as you.”
The young, lovely girl of another country, a beauty, stark and naturally elegant, looked seriously at the stranger. Continue reading