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‘Why The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

Complex behavior of racism‘Why The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend’ presents a clear and precise psychobiological formulation of the elemental DNA of racism.
In an easily understood and comprehensive lay perspective, ‘The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend’ teases from the complex behavior of racism its elemental pieces and in so doing allows the reader to trace its actual lineage to the evolutionary roots of safety, self preservation and the instinctive need for all organisms of protection and the future propogation of the species.
Despite the nuanced and often camoflauged manifestation of ‘racial’behavior, it’s presence is a naturally occuring phenomenon of evolution and the thesis presented explores not a way to eradicate a naturally occuring behavior, like ‘fight or flight’ but rather tries to understand its origin and evolution so to be able better to integrate the facts of its presence and find an equilibrium which like most of the species on the planet, balance mutual needs in some more or less successful form of a workable symbiotic relationship.

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