Till Debt Do Us Part

The laws of thermodynamics state categorically, evolution did not contemplate democracy, and despite our infatuation with its promise, it is one of the least effective and most wasteful deployments of our clearly finite and put upon planetary resource.
Till Debt Do Us Part
‘Till Debt Do Us Part’,(T-Rex & Homo Sapiens, Darwin & Thermodynamics, The Psychoanalytics of Failure & an Rx for Repair) contemplates a resolution of the fundamental conflict Capitalism has fostered and articulates a reasonably sensible and historically effective mechanism to allow a sustainable model for repair which will work in 21st Century America and be acceptable to both left and right, Republican and Democrat alike.

‘Till Debt Do Us Part’ explores the psychological and societal origins of Capitalism tracing its passage from an Agrarian society with a patriarchal structure caring for extended family from which arose the ‘rule of law’ through the replacement of Commonwealth by Corporate Wealth and the decline of family structure. Without the moral structure arising from of a direct relationship to a core family enterprise, Capitalism has not only taken root, the ‘Rule of Law’ has come to serve those in power and wealth, the Corporate Oligarchy, leaving an enormous and nearly irreconcilable divide.
Close to collapse, social systems failing, whole populations falling off the edge, lacking health care, education and the provision of tools to compete in a flat, global world without sufficient safety nets, we, like the T-Rex are steps away from extinction.
‘Till Debt Do Us Part offers an elegantly simple, sustainable and universally acceptable solution to the gridlock and imminent collapse our culture faces, which is acceptable to both rich and poor, democrat and republican alike.

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Fiction Novel, Mystery Novel


The journey of a family, a tree, and an escaped conscript seeking freedom and integrity each possess in part, but, for their place in the world, lack in its entirety. STIRRINGS is a century tree of a story depicting the elemental truths all human, animal and nature possess. STIRRINGS is an adventure of mythic proportion, a mystery with the essential and elemental pieces of life reconciling, in joyful laughter the most apparently diverse and complex rhythms into a simple single and melifluous sumners tale


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18 Hours 43 Minutes Till War

’18 Hours 43 Minutes Till War’ tells the real story in powerful dramatic fiction of America’s final reckoning with the nature of assymetric war.
governmnet fiction novelWith Bin Laden dead and a new suitcase nuclear bomb attack in the Chicago Metro killiing thousands, ’18 Hours and 43 Minutes Till War’ tells the human and real politic truth of how America comes finally to leave aside the issues of Political Correctness in world Jihad and would be terrorists, and resolves the only effective and sustainable mechanism to stop the ravages of terror on our own homeland.

‘Why The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

Complex behavior of racism‘Why The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend’ presents a clear and precise psychobiological formulation of the elemental DNA of racism.
In an easily understood and comprehensive lay perspective, ‘The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend’ teases from the complex behavior of racism its elemental pieces and in so doing allows the reader to trace its actual lineage to the evolutionary roots of safety, self preservation and the instinctive need for all organisms of protection and the future propogation of the species.
Despite the nuanced and often camoflauged manifestation of ‘racial’behavior, it’s presence is a naturally occuring phenomenon of evolution and the thesis presented explores not a way to eradicate a naturally occuring behavior, like ‘fight or flight’ but rather tries to understand its origin and evolution so to be able better to integrate the facts of its presence and find an equilibrium which like most of the species on the planet, balance mutual needs in some more or less successful form of a workable symbiotic relationship.

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