AIRSPACE in loco parentis

A story of unimaginable proportion detailing the complex forces of american capitalism, greed and indifference to our childrens moral life which, at root birthed the contempt and hatred for Americans reuslting in the events of 9/11.
A historical drama chronicling the sale of our cultures moral terpitude, the very notion of how and what we think, by mass media and Macdonalds which unalterbaly changed the way we see the world, outside our parochial boundries, or not. A story of two people who caught at the intersection of Alqueida and our century old way of modern American life, on the morning of 9/11 begin to tease out and understand the nearly incredible and self inflicted nature of the would tearing open the heart of the belly of Manhatten.

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Little Bear

To diminish the billions of dollars owed the native American Indian for reparations, the United States Government retains a New York City law firm to try and develop a case proving the Hudson Bay Company of Canada, in teaching the economics of trading, hunting and providing exotic furs from the Americas to the British Isles, purposefully or not, taught the American white man to hunt, ,slaughter and kill, one unintended consequence of which was the decimation of the American Indian and 30,000,000 Buffalo who lived, like the Native American, in harmony and at peace and in balance with the world.

Little Bear, seen through the eyes of a New York City attorney infatuated with an Inuit Princess, traces the history of man’s depredations and colonial mis-deeds in a story which opens our eyes tot he harshness of Western man, and at the same time to the beauty and wonders fo the land and peoples lives who, despite the hardships have and still do, in most remote parts of the world, still flourish.

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18 Hours 43 Minutes Till War (Changing Faces of War and the 21st Century)

18 Hours 43 Minutes Till War’ tells the real story in powerful dramatic fiction of America’s final reckoning with the nature of assymetric war.
With Bin Laden dead and a new suitcase nuclear bomb attack in the Chicago Metro killiing thousands, ’18 Hours and 43 Minutes Till War’ tells the human and real politic truth of how America comes finally to leave aside the issues of Political Correctness in world Jihad and would be terrorists, and resolves the only effective and sustainable mechanism to stop the ravages oror on our own homeland.

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Till Debt Do Us Part: Digital Version

It is extraordinary and counterintuitive to even consider the presence of man’s cerebral development the origin of his evolutionary failure, but the facts of our anthropomorphic culture and it’s tension, now a flashpoint pitting commonwealth, a purely human artifact, against individual rights appears, thus far, irreconcilable.

The way our press and thoughtful intercourse declaims, there is no solution in the US, between the 1%’er’s with their Republican advocates, and the 99% er’s supported by Democrats.

There seems no reconciliation of the class warfare between rich and poor, and underscoring the immediacy and historical precedent emphasizing the dilemma, we do have factual and empiric evidence of evolutionary suicide. Increasingly we have recognized evolution is not linear and there are many species which have unwittingly died off as a direct result of the 1%ers, the extraordinary success of the individual, ultimately causing the demise of the whole species. Though unbelievable on it’s face, there are countless examples of individuals who become so advanced for their skills in propagation, their own individual biological imperative, the downstream outcome has been the jeopardy and often extinction of the whole of the species. A bull moose with an enormous rack, attractive to the female but ultimately indefensible, for his gargantuan antlers becomes easy prey to the local wolves, and the small angel fish, so brightly colored to attract the best female courtesans for propagation, is suddenly, for those larger predators, so marked, natural camouflage inoperative, he is an easy mark for the larger and always hungry Amberjack looking for easy pickings and a quick meal.

If there is one aspect or behavior which truly separates man from beast, distinguishes man from animal, it is the process of reflection, circumspect thought and consideration. More than anything, it is the ability to effect our own change affirmatively, from the study of history, contemplation of alternatives and the act of deep reflective thought or lack thereof, that will, in the eons of history, distinguish us, or not from the legions of two and four foot animals who still flourish, and those now extinct.

And ironically, the tool evolution and adaptation has provided this undertaking is the very brain which may cause our demise.

The history of man is littered with the remains of societies and cultures thought too big to fall. The history of the kingdoms of species, multi-cellular crustaceans to dinosaurs, is paradoxically also filled with a rich history of those that survived, and well more in numbers who did not. There is no quid pro quo for animals, vertebrates, humans or sea squirts. At the end of the day, for all organic life, there appears increasingly a science and factual pattern to the life cycle of critters big and small.

From a distance we appear heading for that same celestial orbit, inevitably ending with our falling into the sun or gyrating out of control into deep space and beyond.

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A true sea story of affliction, affection, and unexpected pleasures in coming of age. Occlusion chronicles the high drama of emotional and oceanic storms that cloud vision, turn reason fickle and leave hope, a father’s fondness, a boy’s wonder and a young woman’s sexuality, transformed.