Suicides Double Homicide: Helplessness Trumps Hotheads Guy Herman (c) 2013 All Rights Reserved

Suicides rate in the US are more than double Homicide. As a simple statistic, this cannot help but inform us poignantly of a profound illness which often accompanies modern life,

Equally significant and startling, white males are more than ten times more likely to kill themselves than their female, African American counterparts.

One example of the other side of this coin, equally extraordinary, is behavior exhibited by the State of Florida proposing a bill replacing the long cherished tradition of local control for tax collection, school budget, fire, police and all municipal services giving absolute power to the governor and state legislature; yet another iteration of immanent collapse of the individual and the culture as a whole.

Though once one of the greatest cities in the United States, Detroit’s bankruptcy is a comprehensible, though unintended, outcome of recession. High American labor rates, poor quality control, dysfunctional union rules and the engineering excellence displayed again and again by Asian and Middle European countries are some of the recognizable proximate and external causes contributing to the city’s failure.

Notwithstanding the collapse of the economy, that a United States city would allow a state or court appointed bankruptcy lawyer to take control of civic government, terminate the peoples right to elect their own representatives, make decisions about if and whether to pay for schools, firemen, teachers or garbage collection is a disenfranchisement of natural rights of self control of such magnitude and consequence as those put upon black slaves by the pre-Civil War White man or Women and minorities, to this day, denied healthcare or the right to vote.

What must be one of the sociological consequences of such emasculation, depriving the poorest and hardest suffering of even a right to vote, will clearly lead to the disintegration of the individuals who inhabit this now fragmented community.

And the ensuing helplessness inevitably leads to a higher degree unnatural self destructive behavior; manifest in the extreme by suicide.

Suicide largely believed to arise only as a behavioral adaptation of a species preparing for or being in the midst of a scarce allocation of life supporting food or resource; lemmings with a shortage of flies and mosquitoes and small critters running of cliffs, en masse, to leave enough food for the birthing young is, at best, unnatural. Alternatively, how, if the absolute and unambiguous imperative of life is to procreate, persevere, populate and propagate is suicide anything but one of, if not the most, dysfunctional and metastasized pathological behaviors any organism may undertake or exhibit and execute? Withal, when the whole the Congress of the United States can mobilize the resources of the whole of the populous for the various interests in the ‘gun control’ debate, to further the interests of the gun manufacturers or diminish the unintended deaths of 30,000 annually, how, if the homicide rate is a small fraction of suicide, does the extensive and burgeoning rate of suicide go so unnoticed for so long by so many?

And at the end of the day, how clearly, albeit frighteningly, does it speak of our priorities as a country and culture and community of the commonwealth of man and the degree of our thoughtful preparation for the future?